§ 17-34.  Stopping for loading or unloading only.
   (a)   Loading zones. The city manager is hereby authorized to determine the location of and establish such loading zones as are necessary for the conduct of business, and to provide proper signs indicating the time during which the zones may be used only for loading and unloading.
   (b)   Standing or parking in loading zones. Parking for any lawful purpose is allowed in areas designated as loading zones for a period not to exceed ten (10) minutes.  Emergency lights must be blinking for all vehicles parked in a loading zone.
   (c)   Public carrier stands. The city manager is authorized to establish bus stops, taxicab stands and stands for other passenger common carrier motor vehicles on such public streets in such places and in such number as he shall determine to be of the greatest benefit and convenience to the public, and to cause such stands to be designated by appropriate signs.
   (d)   Parking of buses. The driver of a bus shall not park upon any street in the city except at a designated bus stop.
   (e)   Stopping to discharge passengers. It shall be unlawful for the operator of any bus to receive or discharge passengers in a bus stop without first having stopped such bus with its two (2) right wheels within twelve (12) inches of and parallel with the curb.
   (f)   Restricted use of bus and taxicab stands. No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle other than a bus in a bus stop or a taxicab in a taxicab stand, when such stop or stand has been officially designated and appropriately marked.
   (g)   Backing up. When taking up or discharging freight or passengers, the vehicle shall be headed in the direction of traffic on the right of the roadway and as far as practicable all vehicles shall be loaded and unloaded from the right side and not from the end, and no vehicle shall remain backed up to the curb in any event longer than is necessary to load and unload same, and such vehicle shall move immediately after the loading or unloading is finished.
(Code 1977, §§ 50.100, 50.170; Ord. No. 1405, § 1, 10-11-88; Am. Ord. No. 1526, § 1, 4-22-97)