§ 17-13.  Truck routes.
   (a)   All commercial trucks traveling within the city limits of the city shall be required to travel through and within the city upon the following streets, except where the point of origination or destination reasonably requires the usage of a street or streets other than the designated truck routes, which are as follows:
      (1)   US 127/ US 150 By-Pass, in its entirety;
      (2)   Main Street, from its intersection with Stanford Road (Wilderness Road) in a westward direction to the intersection with Maple Avenue and continuing westward across the railroad viaduct along Perryville Road to the city limits;
      (3)   Lebanon Road from its intersection with Perryville Road (near the viaduct) in a south-westward direction to the city limits;
      (4)   North Third Street (Burgin Road) from its intersection with Main Street northerly to the city limits;
      (5)   South Fourth Street (Hustonville Road) from its intersection with Main Street southerly to the city limits;
      (6)   Lexington Avenue (Lexington Road), from its intersection with North Third Street eastwardly to the city limits;
      (7)   Wilderness Road, from its intersection with Lexington Avenue southerly to its intersection with East Main Street;
      (8)   Stanford Avenue (Wilderness Road) from its intersection with Main Street southeasterly to the city limits;
      (9)   Lancaster Road (Kentucky Highway No. 52) from its intersection with Stanford Road easterly to the city limits.
      (10)   North Fourth Street from Main Street to Lexington Avenue.
      (11)   Gose Pike from Stanford Avenue to the US 150 By-Pass.
   (b)   Commercial trucks, as referred to in this article, shall mean any and all types of trucks, whether loaded or empty, used primarily for transporting goods, products, merchandise, or any tangible property, and shall include all trucks except those used strictly as a private means of personal transportation.
   (c)   Signs shall be erected at the corporate limits and points of intersection of the above streets and roads, notifying the public of the routes designated in this section and governing the travel over the highways in and through the city, and this article shall not be in force and effect until the erection of such signs.
(Code 1977, § 50.400; Ord. No. 1303, § 2, 10-27-81; Am. Ord. No. 1553, § 1, 10-27-98)