§ 14-39.  Restoration of street.
   Any person making any excavation or tunnel in or under any street, alley or public place in the city shall restore the street, alley or public place to its original condition except for the surfacing, which shall be done by the city, but shall be paid for by such person promptly upon the completion of the work for which the excavation or tunnel was made.  In case of unreasonable delay in restoring the street, alley or public place, the city engineer shall give notice to the person that unless the excavation or tunnel is refilled properly within twenty-five (25) hours, the city will do the work and charge the expense of doing the same to such person.  If within the time mentioned the conditions of the above notice have not been complied with, the work shall be done by the city, an accurate account of the expense involved shall be kept, and the total cost shall be charged to the person who made the excavation or tunnel.
(Code 1977, § 11.510(6))