§ 14-2  Obstructions.
   (a)   Obstructing with wood, timber, etc; culverts or drains.  It shall be unlawful for any person to obstruct any sidewalk or street in the city by means of wood, timber, or stones, or other impediments or obstructions of any kind or to obstruct any culverts or drains in the city except as provided in subsection (b).
   (b)   Merchants obstructing sidewalks. Merchants may obstruct the sidewalks only so long as may be necessary in going out or receiving goods, wares, or merchandise or for sale of goods provided the pedestrian traffic shall not be substantially impeded.
   (c)   Erecting buildings, obstructing one-half of street.  Any person while actually engaged in erecting or improving or repairing any building or making other necessary improvements in the town, may while so actually engaged, obstruct not exceeding one-half of the street; provided that a permit is obtained from the building inspector.
   (d)   Obstruction of sidewalks and streets by private gates prohibited.  All gates within the corporate limits of the city adjacent to and which open on or to any of the sidewalks or streets of the city shall be so constructed and hung that same shall open and swing inward and to the property to which same are attached and built and not outward over or upon the sidewalks or streets of the city. 
(Code 1977, §§ 11.550, 50.21(2), 90.140(1), 90.150(1))