Sec. 7-24.  Prohibited acts.
   (a)   Notice upon discovery.  When a release or a threatened release, other than an authorized release, of a hazardous material in a quantity equal to or exceeding the reportable quantity hereinbefore established for such material occurs, or is imminent on or in any facilities of any kind within the county, the person in charge of such facilities, upon discovery of such release or threatened release, or otherwise being provided evidence that a release has occurred, even though controlled, shall immediately cause notice of the existence of such release or threatened release, the circumstances of same and the location thereof, to be communicated to the Danville/Boyle County Emergency 911 Communications Center.
   (b)   Emergency telephone number.  The notice required to be given under this section shall be given by telephoning "911" or such other emergency telephone number as may be subsequently designated.  One (1) completed call to the number, through which call the required information is communicated, shall meet the requirements for notification of local agencies (LEPC, fire department with jurisdiction, local EMA and DES, EMS, ambulance service, and the like).
   (c)   Duty to control releases.  The notice required to be given by this section shall not be construed as forbidding or otherwise exempting any person on, in, or about the facilities from exercising all diligence necessary to control such release prior or subsequent to such notice to the 911 Emergency Communication Center, especially if such effort may result in the containment of the release and/or the abatement of any hazard to life and/or property.
   (d)   Duty to report to other agencies.  No statement contained in this section shall be construed to exempt or release any person from any other notification or reporting procedures in accordance with applicable state or federal laws or regulations.
(Ord. No. 1664, 8-23-04)