§ 7-4.  Placement of containers.
   (a)   Garbage and trash containers for residences shall be placed at the curbline in front of such premises or at the curb at side of residences, or in the alley, provided such residence is located adjacent to a side street or alley, on the collection dates for such street or alley by the hour or the day if the hours are designated by the board of commissioners.  It shall be unlawful for garbage or trash containers to be placed or remain on the street or alley except on such collection dates.  After such containers have been emptied, the persons owning and using same shall remove them from the street or alley to the rear or side of the residence and in no case shall the containers remain in the front yard of the residence, and in no case later than the same day.  Collections for business houses shall be made from the rear of the premises where possible.
   (b)   No garbage, trash or bundles shall be placed on such street or alley in violation of the provisions of this chapter by any person or for any reason.
(Code 1977, § 11.700(4)(5); Am. Ord. No. 1618, 2-25-02)