§ 7-3.  Container requirements.
   (a)   All persons must place their garbage in airtight, flytight and waterproof containers, with tight-fitting covers, and they shall at all times be kept covered.  All persons desiring to avail themselves of city garbage collection are required to put such garbage in paper bags, or wrapped in paper before depositing same into garbage cans.  No liquids shall be poured into garbage or trash containers.
   (b)   The containers must have a capacity of not exceeding twenty (20) gallons and have handles and a large top and no person shall have more than two (2) such cans.  Trash can be placed in the same container, however, a separate container may be used, but it must be of metal construction.  A cover is not mandatory for the trash container.
   (c)   Cardboard cartons and panels are required to be flattened, and bundled securely in packages not to exceed fifty (50) pounds.
(Code 1977, § 11.700(3))
   (d)   All persons shall separate yard waste from other solid waste (garbage and trash) before being placed out for collection.  Yard waste may not be commingled with solid waste and may not contain plastic or other non-biodegradable products.
(Am. Ord. 1501, § 2, passed 10-11-94)