§ 4-114.  Suspension.
   (a)   Failure on the part of any licensee to obtain a proper permit or to correct any defect, error or deficiency in any work within fifteen (15) calendar days after notification of the error or deficiency by the inspector, or within a further reasonable time as may, upon request, be prescribed, shall automatically and without further notice, stop the issuance of electrical permits to the licensee until such corrections have been made, inspected and approved.  The electrical inspector shall be promptly notified upon the correction of any defect, error or deficiency.
   (b)   Upon complaint being made respecting the character of work done by the holder of any occupational license issued under this article, the inspector shall immediately cause written notice of the complaint to be mailed to the licensee.  The notice shall state the nature of the complaint and the time which the examining board has fixed for hearing the complaint.  If, after a hearing, the examining board is of the opinion that the complaint is justified, it shall have the power, with the approval of the Joint Electrical Board (City/County), to suspend the electrical license of the licensee.
(Code 1977, § 104.140; Ord. No. 1421, 2-27-90)