§ 4-91.  Exceptions.
   (a)   No electrical permit need be obtained in connection with the maintenance work, installation of motors and service wires, or minor additions to existing circuits or minor repair work such as repairing of snap switches, replacing fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping bad joints and repairing drop cords, nor the experimental electrical work of a temporary nature in testing laboratories of electrical shops, educational institutions and the like.
   (b)   Persons or corporations holding an occupational maintenance license shall not be required to take out an electrical permit to cover electrical maintenance work performed in or about their property, nor shall an electrical permit be required for minor extensions or alterations made to their electrical system.
   (c)   Electrical permits shall not be required for installation of meters and service wires or installation of central service or substations owned, maintained or operated by any public utilities company.
   (d)   This article shall not apply to any industrial plant having routine fire insurance inspections and who employs one or more professional engineers to supervise an electrical construction and maintenance force.
(Code 1977, § 104.090; Ord. No. 1421, 2-27-90)