§ 3-33.  Control of all dogs.
   Every owner of a dog shall have the duty to ensure that the dog is kept under control and that reasonable care and precautions are taken to prevent the dog from leaving, while unattended, the real property limits of its owner, possessor, or custodian, and that:
   (1)   The dog is securely and humanely enclosed within a house, building, fence, pend, or other enclosure (as used in this section, the word "enclosure" shall be defined in its ordinary sense) out of which it cannot climb, dig, jump or otherwise escape on its own volition; and such enclosure must be securely latched at any time the dog is left unattended; or
   (2)   The dog is securely and humanely restrained by chain, cable, or trolley, braided leather, nylon or manila lead or leash, or other tether of sufficient strength having a minimum tensile strength of three hundred pounds (300) and not exceeding ten (10) feet in length, to prevent escape; or
   (3)   The dog is on a lead or leash as described in subsection (2) above and under the control of a competent person; or is off lead or leash and obedient to that person's command and that person is present with the animal any time it is not restrained as provided for in subsections (1) and (2) above while on the owner's property.
(Ord. No. 1395, § 3, 7-26-88; Ord. No. 18816, § 1, 5-23-17)