Sec. 2.5-80.   Employment restrictions.
   No licensee shall knowingly employ in connection with the licensed business any person who:
   (a)   Has been convicted of any felony within the last two (2) years;
   (b)   Has been twice convicted of any misdemeanor or offense directly or indirectly attributable to the use of alcoholic beverages within the last two (2) years;
   (c)   Is under the age of twenty (20) years who will be serving alcoholic beverages or who will be having any contact whatsoever with the sale of alcohol as defined under state statute. However, at a premise licensed solely with a non-quota retail malt beverage package license, a person that is at least eighteen (18) years of age may be employed to sell packaged malt beverages so long as said person is under the supervision of a person twenty (20) years of age or older;
   (d)   Within two (2) years prior to the date of his or her employment, has had any city license under this chapter revoked for cause.
(Ord. No. 1765, 4-12-10; Ord. No. 1896, § 9, 6- 26-17)