Outdoor Patio Dining and Beverage Areas
   112.01   Permit required
   112.02   Definitions
   112.03   Permit fee; year
   112.04   Application
   112.05   Conditions
Retail Liquor Establishments
   112.20   Purpose
   112.21   Definitions
   112.22   Exceptions
   112.23   Local Liquor Control Commissioner
   112.24   License required; food service
   112.25   Licenses; classes and fees; limitation on number
   112.26   Payment of fees
   112.27   Initial license expense
   112.28   Application for license
   112.29   Bond and forfeiture
   112.30   Investigations, rejection or approval of applications for license
   112.31   Renewals of license
   112.32   Posting licenses and warnings
   112.33   Persons ineligible for license
   112.34   Opening and closing hours
   112.35   License limitations
   112.36   Retail sales prohibited in certain areas
   112.37   Sale or discontinuance of business; continuation of license
   112.38   Changes of location, personnel and the like
   112.39   Peddling prohibited
   112.40   Sanitary conditions
   112.41   Conduct of licensee
   112.42   Sales to persons under 21, habitual drunkards and the like
   112.43   Parental responsibility
   112.44   Evidence of age required
   112.45   Revocation of license; notice; hearing
   112.46   Complaint of violation; hearing
   112.47   Licenses of permits previously issued
   112.48   Prohibited sale or promotion of alcoholic beverages
   112.49   Wine sampling and tasting
   112.50   Storage of liquor
   112.51   Recovery of costs for hearings before the Local Liquor Control Commissioner
   112.99   Penalty
   Administrative adjudication of violations of Village Code, see Ch. 11
   Sale or consumption of alcohol prohibited at sexually orientated businesses, see § 123.04