General Council Provisions
   30.01   Designation of governing body; election
   30.02   Oath of office of Mayor and Council members
   30.03   General duties of Mayor
   30.04   Mayor Pro Tempore
   30.05   Filling of vacancies on Council
   30.06   Created by removal of member's residence
   30.07   Special committees of the Council
   30.08   Appointment of boards, commissions and the like
Officials and Employees
   30.20   Finance Director; office created; appointment
   30.21   Finance Director; duties
   30.22   Chief of Police; office created; appointment
   30.23   Fire Department
   30.24   Fire Inspector
   30.25   Causing removal of fire hazards
   30.26   Investigation; record and report of fires
   30.27   Public Works Director; office created; appointment
   30.28   Public Works Director; duties
   30.29   Authority to declare state of emergency
Rules of Procedure for the Town Council
   30.40   Regular meetings
   30.41   Special, emergency, and recessed meetings
   30.42   Organizational meeting
   30.43   Agenda
   30.44   Public address to the Council
   30.45   Order of business
   30.46   Mayor; office of
   30.47   Mayor Pro Tempore; office of
   30.48   When the presiding officer is in active debate
   30.49   Action by Council; motions; debate; ratification
   30.50   Procedural motions
   30.51   Motions; renewal and withdrawal
   30.52   Duty to vote
   30.53   Ordinances; introduction and adoption
   30.54   Closed sessions
   30.55   Quorum
   30.56   Public hearings
   30.57   Minutes
   30.58   Appointments
   30.59   Committees and boards
   30.60   Amendment of the rules
Officers Appointed by Council
   30.75   Town Manager; appointment; qualifications
   30.76   Term of office and removal of Town Manager
   30.77   Absence or disability of Town Manager
   30.78   General duties of Town Manager
   30.79   Responsibility to Council; authority as to appointment and removal of officers and employees; generally
   30.80   Council not to interfere with appointments; removals and the like
   30.81   Town Clerk; appointment
   30.82   Duties of Town Clerk
   30.83   Town Attorney; appointment
   30.84   Duties of Town Attorney
   30.85   Tax Collector; appointment