Excavations and Construction
   91.01   Opening permit required
   91.02   Application and case deposit
   91.03   Restoration of pavement
   91.04   Barriers around excavations
   91.05   Warning lights
   91.06   Sidewalk construction
   91.07   Permit required within right-of-way
Road and Bridge Projects
   91.15   Public hearing required
   91.16   Notice requirements
   91.17   Public may testify; effect of testimony
   91.18   Hearing to be held prior to construction
   91.19   Separate hearing for each project not required
   91.20   Exemptions from hearing requirement
   91.30   Unloading on street or sidewalk
   91.31   Street and sidewalk obstruction
   91.32   Materials on street or sidewalk
   91.33   Removal of ice and snow
   91.34   Signs in right-of-way
Debris on City Streets
   91.50   Depositing dirt, litter, or other debris prohibited; exception
   91.51   Removal by city; imposition of lien to recover costs
   91.52   Withdrawal of building permit until construction debris removed
Construction, Maintenance of Driveways
   91.65   Permit required
   91.66   Application
   91.67   Contractor to give deposit to City Clerk
   91.68   Minimum requirements
   91.69   Conformance of existing driveway to requirements; notice; removal by city
   91.70   Maintenance of driveways
Numbering of Buildings; Structures
   91.80   Building/Zoning Administrator to prepare records showing street numbers
   91.81   Visible display of house numbers required
Newsracks Within Public Right-of-Way Areas
   91.85   Purpose
   91.86   Definitions
   91.87   Encroachment permit required
   91.88   Application and issuance of encroachment permits
   91.89   Insurance
   91.90   Fees
   91.91   Installation and maintenance of newsracks
   91.92   Placement criteria, prohibitions and exceptions
   91.93   Abandoned newsracks
   91.94   Enforcement procedures
   91.95   Appeals
   91.99   Penalty