§ 91.90  FEES.
   (A)   There shall be an annual encroachment permit fee in the amount of ten dollars ($10) for each newsrack up to twenty (20) and five dollars ($5) for each addition newsrack. Certification of continuing insurance coverage, as required under § 91.89, shall be included with the annual fee. The required annual permit fee and certification of insurance shall be filed no later than January 31st of each calendar year. The ten dollar ($10) fee and insurance provision shall also apply to used of any space in a city owned newsrack.
   (B)   All newsracks shall be periodically inspected by the Zoning Administrator. Failed inspections resulting from violations of the provisions of this subchapter are subject to a reinspection fee of ten dollar ($10).  All of the above fees shall be used to defray administrative expenses relating to these regulations only. Failure to pay the annual encroachment permit fee or reinspection fee shall be cause for removal of the newsrack(s).
(Ord. 04-836, passed 5-24-04)