It shall be unlawful for any person or business to perform any work within the city's road right-of-way including, but not limited to cutting, excavating, or boring into the city right- of-way without first obtaining a permit from the city.  Upon obtaining such a permit, said person or business shall strictly comply with the city's regulations and specifications as to performing work in the city road right-of-way. The permit shall be two part, the permit fee in the amount of $100, and the posting of an indemnity/bond in the amount of $2,500, to insure restoration of the city's right-of-way.  The city's regulations shall be developed by the Office of the Mayor and insure restoration of the city’s right-of-way, including all infrastructure, as well as compliance with any stormwater or other regulations.
(Ord. 97-699, passed 4-15-97; Am. Ord. 18-1049, passed 12-10-18)