§ 392.021 Carbon Monoxide Alarms; Installation Required in Rental Dwelling Units
   (a)   It shall be the responsibility of the owner of each new and existing dwelling unit intended for rental purposes, within which fuel-fired appliances exist, to install a carbon monoxide alarm in each residential dwelling unit.
   (b)   The carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms in each residential dwelling unit. When sleeping areas are not fully enclosed or separated from other living areas within a dwelling unit, the carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed nearest the area designated for sleeping, as per the manufacturer's specifications. Alarms shall be clearly audible in all bedrooms within the sleeping area or dwelling unit when all intervening doors are closed.
   (c)   Every carbon monoxide alarm shall comply with all applicable federal and state regulations and with Underwriters Laboratories standard 2034, and shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.
   (d)   Where a dwelling is occupied by a person who is deaf or hearing impaired and a written request for the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm is received by the owner from an occupant in the dwelling, a carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed by the owner which provides a visual or vibratile signal sufficient to warn the deaf or hearing impaired individual when activated.
   (e)   Carbon monoxide alarms in new construction shall be installed as required by the Building Code.
(Ord. No. 1528-15. Passed 5-9-16, eff. 5-10-16)