Chapter 5.04
   For provisions regarding plumbing licenses, see Chapter 15.04 of this code;  for provisions regarding licensing of gas fitters, see Chapter 15.08 of this code;  for provisions regarding licenses to move buildings, See Chapter 15.20 of this code.
   For statutory provisions authorizing cities to impose license fees on beer retailers and to define certain areas in which beer may or may not be sold, see RCM § 4-341; for provisions regarding the Montana Beer Act generally,  see RCM § 4-301 et seq.; for provisions authorizing the city council to license retail sales of liquor see RCM § 4-4 30;  for provisions regarding retail liquor sales generally,  see RCM § 4-401 et seq.
5.04.010   Definitions.
5.04.020   State license required.
5.04.030   Beer sales—License required—Fee.
5.04.040   Liquor sales—License required—Fee.
5.04.050   License—Application—Expiration.
5.04.060   License—Revocation—Suspension.
5.04.070   License—Transferring.
5.04.080   Hours of sale.
5.04.090   Prohibited sales.
5.04.100   Minors and intoxicated persons pn licensed premises prohibited.
5.04.110   Entertainment prohibited.
5.04.120   Maintenance of order—Police.
5.04.130   Violation—Penalty.