5.04.080   Hours of sale.
   All places where liquor and beer, or either liquor and beer, are sold, offered for sale or given away at retail for consumption on the premises shall be closed:
   A.   On Sunday mornings from two a.m. to eight a.m.;
   B.   On any other day from two a.m. to eight a.m. During the hours above given, it is unlawful for any licensed establishment to sell, offer for sale or give away any beer, wines or liquor, and during such hours all persons save the licensee and his employees must be excluded from the licensed premises; provided,  that where such licensed establishment is operated in conjunction with a hotel, restaurant, bus depot, railway terminal or other lawful business other than the sale of intoxicating liquor or beer, then such other lawful business need not be closed, but only the part thereof where such beer or liquor is sold.
(Ord. 392 § 1,  1985; Ord. 378 § 1,  1983; Ord. 270 § 1,  1961:    Ord.  231 § 8, 1950).