Chapter 15.08
Gas Regulations*
   For statutory provisions authorizing the city council to regulate the inspection and measurement of gas light or power sold within its limits, see RCM § 11-989.
15.08.010   Application and regulations.
15.08.020   Inspector.
15.08.030   Gas fitters—License.
15.08.040   Installation—Compliance with license regulation.
15.08.050   License—Surety bond required.
15.08.060   Insurance in lieu of bond.
15.08.070   Conformance to good practice.
15.08.080   Inspection required.
15.08.090   Rubber hose connections or fittings—Prohibited.
15.08.100   Concealed gas fuel piping—Regulations.
15.08.110   Gas-Consuming appliances—Draft diverter, vented.
15.08.120   Size of piping.
15.08.130   Piping, equipment and appliance—Testing criteria.
15.08.140   Gas piping alteration—Permit required—Inspection.
15.08.150   Gas conveyance.
15.08.160   Defective gas service—Unsafe conditions.
15.08.170   Dispute between gas utility and consumer.
15.08.180   Fees for inspection.
15.08.190   Liability by reason of inspection.
15.08.200   Violation—Penalty.