15.08.040   Installation—Compliance with license regulation.
   No person, firm or corporation shall install gas piping, equipment or appliances unless said person,  firm or corporation shall have first complied with all of the provisions of Sections 15.08.030 through 15.08.060 with regard to said license as set forth in Section 15.08.030. Subject, however,  to the exception that a residential homeowner who occupies his/her home may install a gas hot water heater in his/her home without obtaining a license or filing a bond. The homeowner shall be required to have the gas installation inspected by the city inspector at the time the gas installation is completed.
(Ord. 468 § 1, 1996; Ord. 421 § 1(part),  1989:    Ord. 299 § 1(part), 1967: Ord. 296 § 3(part), 1966).