15.08.130   Piping, equipment and appliances—Testing criteria.
   All piping, equipment and appliances shall be tested for tightness before being used, either by a meter "turn on11 test or an "air pressure" test, as follows:
   A.   Meter "Turn On" Test. All gas outlets shall be closed and gas shall be turned into the system and the hand on the test dial of the meter carefully watched to ascertain that no gas is passing through the meter. This test shall be applied for a reasonable length of time, but in no case for less than fifteen minutes.
   B.   "Air Pressure" Test. Air pressure of not less than three pounds per square inch above the atmospheric pressure shall be applied to the system for a period of not less than ten minutes. In case of concealed piping, the air pressure test must be used, with a pressure of not less than six pounds per square inch above atmospheric pressure.
   C.   All testing apparatus shall be furnished by the installer. Piping shall be completely roughed in and ready for testing prior to the time an inspection is requested.
(Ord.  296 § 5(g), 1966).