15.08.160   Defective gas service—Unsafe conditions.
   A.   Whenever an inspection reveals a condition unsafe to life or property, the gas inspector shall notify the consumer of what is necessary to correct the unsafe condition and shall not permit gas to be turned on until all such conditions have been corrected, remedied and made safe. The gas inspector may make subsequent inspections and tests of gas piping, gas installations and gas appliances when he believes, or has reason to believe,  that any appliance's piping or venting is in an unsafe condition to life or property and the gas inspector shall order the gas utility to discontinue the supply of gas to any consumer when any such condition is found and until the same is remedied.
   B.   The consumer shall be responsible for the installations, appliances, apparatus and equipment on his side of the point of delivery and for the natural gas after it passes the point of delivery. The consumer assumes the duty of having inspected his house piping, appliances, apparatus, equipment, chimneys and flues and every part thereof to see that the same are clean and in proper working order. In the event the consumer finds the gas service to be defective, he should immediately notify the utility to that effect.
(Ord. 296 § 6, 1966).