17-4-1100  Roll-up overhead or sliding security gates or doors.
   Within the area bounded by the parcels adjacent to the south side of Wacker Drive to the north, the parcels adjacent to the west side of Franklin Street to the west, the parcels adjacent to the north side of Adams Street to the south, and the parcels adjacent to the east side of Michigan Avenue to the east, any roll-up overhead or sliding security door or gate installed after July 30, 2020 for ground floor retail or commercial uses located in any building must: (i) be located inside of any storefront window; (ii) be clear and non-reflective, allowing views of indoor commercial space or product display areas; and (iii) comply with any transparency requirements, including Sec. 17-4-0504-C or the terms of any planned development ordinance, as applicable.
(Added Coun. J. 7-22-20, p. 19501, § 1)