10-40-080 Harbor district No. 4.
   The public waters, the submerged lands, the artificially made or reclaimed lands, and other lands which shall constitute and shall be known as harbor district No. 4, are hereby defined and particularly described as follows:
   Harbor district No. 4 shall include all of the Calumet River lying within the city, all of Lake Calumet, including all the waters, submerged lands, and artificially made or reclaimed lands within or bordering upon said lake and river, the channel or connection between said Calumet River and Lake Calumet, and all public turning basins, canals and slips connected with or forming a part of said Calumet River and Lake Calumet. All of the aforesaid submerged lands, artificially made or reclaimed lands and other lands and public waters in said harbor district No. 4 are situated within the jurisdiction and corporate limits of the city, and are by this section declared to be necessary and appropriate for the uses and purposes enumerated in said act of the general assembly mentioned in Section 10-40-040.
(Prior code § 38-7)