3-56-130  Ownership identification on vehicles.
   It shall be unlawful for any person to use or to cause or permit any of his employees to use any motor vehicle, or other vehicle in the transportation of property upon the public ways of the city unless such vehicle shall have the name and address of the owner thereof, and a serial number distinguishing said vehicle from any other vehicle controlled or used by the same person plainly painted, in letters at least one and one- half inches in length, in a conspicuous place on the outside of such vehicle. Provided, that any such person using and operating in the city more than five such vehicles may cause such name and serial number to be painted on each vehicle as aforesaid in letters not less than three inches in length and omit therefrom the address of such person. Provided, further, that in event such vehicle is used or operated continuously by a lessee or bailee or other person having complete control of such vehicle, instead of the owner thereof, the name, address and serial number or name and serial number, as the case may be, of such lessee, bailee or other person may be painted on said vehicle as if such lessee, bailee, or other person using and operating said vehicle were the owner thereof. Such name, address and serial number, or name and serial number, as the case may be, shall be kept so painted, plainly and distinctly, at all times while such vehicle is in use on the public ways of the city. This section shall not be construed as applying to street cars running on metallic rails, or to any motor vehicle, or other vehicle which is used exclusively for pleasure.
(Prior code § 29-14)