3-56-051  Posting of vehicle license and related fees.
   (a)   Any business or non-governmental entity which has entered into an agreement with the City Clerk or an authorized agent of the City Clerk for over-the- counter sale to the public of the license required by Section 3-56-020 must post singage provided by the City Clerk in an area or areas clearly visible to patrons and employees of the facility where such licenses are sold. Such signage shall contain the following information:
      (i)   established vehicle license fees for each classification or type of license;
      (ii)   service or processing fees as authorized by the City Clerk;
      (iii)   transfer, replacement or late fees; and
      (iv)   prorated fees and applicable schedules.
   (b)   Any entity required to post signage pursuant to subsection 3-56-051(a) shall also post directly adjacent to each such sign provided by the City Clerk additional signage indicating any supplemental fees or costs assessed which are not contained within Chapter 3-56 of the Municipal Code of Chicago.
   (c)   Failure to post signage in accordance with the provisions of this section shall result in a fine of $200.00. A separate and distinct offense shall be considered as committed for each day such violation continues.
(Added Coun. J. 4-11-07, p. 102839, § 1)