3-56-040  Issuance.
   (a)   Upon payment by the applicant of the wheel tax license fee hereinafter provided, the City Clerk shall issue, or cause to be issued, a wheel tax license. The period for a wheel tax license shall begin on the required purchase date and shall end on the last day of the month indicated on the face of such license. Provided, however, that if a wheel tax license is issued before the required purchase date, such license shall be valid upon its issuance. Provided further, that in the case of renewal of a valid and current wheel tax license only, the applicable period shall include the grace periods specified in Section 3-56-043.
   (b)   The City Clerk shall make wheel tax licenses available for an annual period. Provided that in the case of renewal of an existing wheel tax license issued pursuant to the staggered system authorized under Section 3-56-015, the City Clerk may offer applicants for a wheel tax license the option, as provided for in duly promulgated rules, to purchase such license for a period of up to two years. If a wheel tax license is issued or renewed for more or less than an annual period, the fee for such license shall be prorated in accordance with Section 3-56-050(c).
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