Article I.  General Provisions
3-4-010   Title and application.
3-4-020   Definitions.
3-4-030   Publication of rules and regulations.
3-4-040   Notice.
3-4-050   Postmark rule.
3-4-060   Reserved.
3-4-070   Counting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
3-4-080   Confidentiality.
3-4-090   Application of payment.
3-4-100   Credits and refunds.
3-4-110   Survival of liability.
3-4-120   Statute of limitations.
3-4-130   General presumptions and burden of proof.
3-4-140   Bulk sales or transfers.
Article II.  Powers of the Comptroller
3-4-150   General powers.
3-4-151   Additional duties of the department.
3-4-152   Problems resolution.
3-4-153   Financial hardship.
3-4-160   Power to issue tax determination and assessment.
Article III.  Duties of the Taxpayer and Tax Collector
3-4-170   Maintaining books and records.
3-4-180   Duty to produce documents.
3-4-185   Reserved.
3-4-186   Annual returns.
3-4-187   Tax payments.
3-4-188   Estimated tax payment option.
3-4-189   Consolidated returns and payments.
Article IV.  Interest and Penalties
3-4-190   Interest on tax debts.
3-4-200   Late penalties.
3-4-210   Failure to file penalty.
3-4-220   Negligence or wilfulness penalty.
3-4-230   Failure to remit collected taxes penalty.
3-4-240   Reasonable cause standards.
3-4-250   Nonsufficient funds check provision; invalid credit card payments.
3-4-260   Interest on nontax debt.
3-4-265   Voluntary disclosure.
Article V.  Enforcement Provisions
3-4-270   Officer and employee liability.
3-4-280   Tax collector funds as debt to city.
3-4-290   Reserved.
3-4-300   Liens and right to levy.
3-4-305   Removal of liens.
3-4-310   Fines.
3-4-320   License suspension and revocation.
3-4-325   Erroneous written information or written advice.
Article VI.  Hearing Process
3-4-330   Right to protest tax determination and assessment.
3-4-335   Action to enforce payment.
3-4-340   Hearing procedures.
Article VII.  Other Provisions
3-4-350   Powers of the finance committee.
3-4-360   Severability.