1-4-100 Interpretation of language.
   Whenever any words in any section of this Code import the plural number, the singular shall be deemed to be included, and whenever the singular shall be used, it shall be deemed to include the plural.
   Whenever the masculine gender is used in this Code, all genders shall be deemed to be included.
   Words in the present tense shall be deemed to include the future tense.
   The words "written" and "in writing" may include printing.
   Except as otherwise explicitly provided in this Code, the word "shall" as used in this Code is mandatory.
   Headings provided in the various sections of this Code are for convenience and reference only and should not be considered part of the text of any section.
   References in this Code to wards by number, without an accompanying boundary or other geographic description, shall be deemed to refer to the geographic configuration of the referenced ward at the time the ordinance containing that ward reference was enacted into law.
   References in this Code to the power to close a business, establishment or premises, in whole or in part, for engaging in unlicensed business activity in violation of this Code, including but not limited to violation of Title 4 or Title 9 of this Code, shall include, without limitation, the power to issue a cease and desist order or any other lawful order necessary or appropriate to accomplish the closure.
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