13-72-010   Definitions.
13-72-020   Contents of property report.
13-72-025   Condominium disclosure summary.
13-72-030   Misrepresentation or omission.
13-72-040   Discrimination.
13-72-050   Requirements for property report and disclosure summary distribution.
13-72-055   Electric vehicle supply equipment.
13-72-060   Notice to tenants of intent to declare submission of property for condominium consideration required.
13-72-065   Tenant relocation assistance.
13-72-067   Summary of a tenant's rights.
13-72-070   Participation in recreational facilities not owned in fee by unit owners.
13-72-080   Examination of records by unit owners.
13-72-085   Sale of condominium property.
13-72-090   Administration and enforcement of chapter.
13-72-100   Rights, obligations and remedies.
13-72-105   Reserved.
13-72-110   Penalty for violation.
13-72-120   Severability.