§ 35.074 SICK LEAVE.
   (A)   Full-time employees may take sick leave in accordance with this section.
   (B)   An eligible employee shall accumulate sick leave at a rate of eight hours for each months service.
   (C)   An eligible employee may accumulate sick leave up to a maximum of 960 hours. After accumulation of 960 hours, sick time shall be transferred to personal time at a rate of one-half (eight hours sick to four hours personal). When the services of an employee are terminated as a result of disciplinary action, no compensation will be paid for accrued sick leave. In all other cases, accrued paid sick leave will be paid at half of the employee's then current straight time rate of pay.
   (D)   An employee without accumulated paid sick leave who requires additional sick leave will have sick days deducted from vacation time, if the employee has accumulated vacation time, or the time will be docked.
   (E)   Sick leave shall be taken in minimum increments of one hour and may be used for illness, disability or injury, doctor or dentist appointments, or appointments with other professional medical practitioners. Sick leave may be used for injury or disability of the employee's immediate family.
   (F)   An employee taking sick leave shall, unless incapacitated, notify his or her department head by telephone no later than starting time on the date of the absence, and of each day thereafter of absence. (If a department head is sick, he or she shall notify the Administrative Assistant. The department head shall notify the Administrative Assistant of the employee's absence. An employee who does not comply with these rules shall be charged with an unauthorized absence.
   (G)   An employee must have a doctor's slip to return to work after three consecutive days of sick leave.
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