Evergreen Cemetery
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Prices and payments covering the sale of lots and fees for interments within the Municipal Cemetery are set by the Board of Cemetery Trustees pursuant to Ohio R. C. 759.13 and 759.23. Please consult the Department of Finance for information concerning current costs and fees.
953.01   Definitions.
953.02   General.
953.03   Purchase of graves and mausoleums.
953.031   Purchase of Columbarium niches.
953.04   Cemetery rules and regulations.
953.05   Grave markers.
953.06   Authority having jurisdiction.
953.07   Cemetery service charges.
953.08   Indigent burial policy.
953.09   Violation of rules and regulations.
953.99   Penalty.
      Cemetery Commission - see ADM. Ch. 142
      Burials may be prohibited - see Ohio R. C. 759.05
      Management and control - see Ohio R. C. 759.20
      Union cemeteries - see Ohio R. C. 759.27 et seq.
      Burial permits - see Ohio R. C. 3705.24 et seq.
      Burial of indigent persons - see Ohio R. C. 5113.15
      Malicious damage to tombstone or cemetery property - see GEN. OFF. 541.04, 541.07