(a)   "Village" shall mean the Village of Chagrin Falls, its employees, Cemetery Commission Members and duly authorized representatives.
   (b)   "Owner" shall mean the owner of rights of interment or inurnment.
   (c)   "Interment" shall mean burial of the remains of a deceased human being.
   (d)   "Disinterment" shall mean the removal of the remains of a deceased human being from a grave.
   (e)   "Inurnment" shall mean the burial or placement of cremated human remains in a grave.
   (f)   "Dis-inurnment" shall mean the removal of cremated remains from a grave.
   (g)   "Grave" means a space of ground in the Cemetery used, or intended to be used, for burial.
   (h)   "Memorial or Monument" shall mean any marker placed upon any grave for the purpose of identification or in memory of the interred.
   (i)   "Sexton" shall mean the person, designated by the Chief Administrative Officer, charged with the maintenance and care of the cemeteries of the Village of Chagrin Falls.
   (j)   "Vault" shall mean an outside burial container as specified by the Cemetery to encase human or cremated remains.
   (k)   "Contractor" shall mean any person, firm or corporation or anyone other than an employee of the Village engaged in placing erecting or repairing any memorial or monument and performing any work on the Cemetery grounds.
(Ord. 2016-77.  Passed 12-12-16.)