TITLE ONE -    Administration
         Chap.   1301.   Definitions.
         Chap.   1303.   Inspections; Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap.   1305.   Plans and Drawings.
         Chap.   1307.   Building Permits.
         Chap.   1309.   Fees for Permits and Inspections.
      TITLE THREE -    Standards
         Chap.   1321.   Village of Chagrin falls Residential Code for One-, Two- and Three-Family Dwellings.
         Chap.   1323.   Ohio Building Code.
      TITLE FIVE -    Local Provisions
         Chap.   1331.   Air Pollution.
         Chap.   1333.   Fire Limits.
         Chap.   1335.   Registration of Contractors.
         Chap.   1337.   Moving of Buildings.
         Chap.   1339.   Structures Near Lot Lines.
         Chap.   1340.   Maintenance of Structures and Premises.
         Chap.   1341.   Animal Shelters; Temporary Sheds. (Repealed)
         Chap.   1343.   Sanitary Facility Requirements; Connections.
         Chap.   1345.   Incinerators.
         Chap.   1347.   Signs and Outdoor Advertising. (Repealed)
         Chap.   1349.   Awnings. (Repealed)
         Chap.   1350.   Satellite Signal Receiving Stations.
         Chap.   1351.   Safety During Building Operations.
         Chap.   1353.   Flood Damage Prevention.
         Chap.   1355.   Erosion and Sediment Control.
         Chap.   1357.   Comprehensive Stormwater Management.
         Chap.   1359.   Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Control.