In order to provide for orderly use of the cemeteries of the Village of Chagrin Falls and to assure equitable treatment for all users of the cemeteries, the Chief Administrative Officer is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the Charter and Codified Ordinances, as may be necessary for the safe, economical, and efficient management and protection of the Village's cemeteries.  Such regulations shall have the same validity as an ordinance, and a current version shall be on file in the office of the Chief Administrative Officer.
   (a)   The owner shall produce their Right to Bury form.
   (b)   There will be no burials on Sundays or Village holidays as listed in Codified Ordinance Section 149.10.
   (c)   The Village must receive 48 hour notice (two business days) for burials. There will be no burials after 12:00 noon on Saturdays.
   (d)   Payment is due upon the scheduling of the burial.
   (e)   Only one adult casket may be buried in a grave. An infant casket or two cremation urns may be buried on top of an adult casket-filled grave; or three cremation urns may be buried in an unused full size grave.
   (f)   The west end of the grave is the 'head' end; the husband is buried in the south grave and the wife in the north grave of their two graves unless otherwise approved by the Sexton. In the case of domestic partners and marriages of the same sex, the grave owners shall designate which spouse or partner will be buried in each grave.
   (g)   No burial may be made closer than three (3) feet to an existing large family monument in order to protect the stability of the monument.
   (h)   A concrete or steel vault is required with all burials except cremations which must be in a marble or metal urn approved by the Sexton.
   (i)   All burials (caskets and cremation urns) shall be performed by Village employees.
   (j)   Human remains only may be buried in the cemetery. No objects are permitted other than caskets, vaults, and urns.
   (k)   The Sexton will seed graves when weather permits.
      (Ord. 2017-14.  Passed 3-13-17.)