Evergreen Hill Cemetery is provided for the residents of the Village of Chagrin Falls. All sales or purchases of graves and crypts must be made through the office of the Cemetery Clerk for purpose of record. All purchases of graves and crypts must be purchased from the Village at the prevailing rate.
   (a)   A nontransferable Right to Bury form will be issued by the Village to each purchaser of a grave. For a deceased resident who has a Trust, the Trust is limited to the purchase of one grave only.
   (b)   A maximum of four graves may be purchased, per family, by Village residents only. The cost of a 4'x12' full size grave that allows three cremation urns or one casket & two cremation urns is $800.00. The cost of a 4'x12' full size grave in sections that allow three cremation urns only shall cost $700. 
   (c)   Graves in Section 3-C are for cremations only, and cost $1,300.00 each for residents and are limited to three cremation urns.
   (d)   Village residents may not purchase graves for a non-resident.
   (e)   In ground graves are not offered to non-residents; however, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Cemetery Commission upon receipt of a written request from a non-resident. When an exception is made, a maximum of two graves may be purchased per family. The cost to a non-resident for a 4'x12' full size grave is $2,350.00.
   (f)   The purchase of a Right to Bury for a grave site is a final sale and nonexchangeable. It cannot, for any reason, be transferred, exchanged, or switched. Only the Village may repurchase unused graves at a rate of 75% of the current sales price, at the discretion of the Village.
   (g)   Graves may be transferred by will or the laws of Ohio if intestate, and a new deed will be issued by the Cemetery Clerk for purpose of record.  No other transfers shall be permitted, except resale to the Village of Chagrin Falls pursuant to Subsection 953.03(g).
      (Ord. 2017-14.  Passed 3-13-17.)
   (h)   Mausoleums shall be permitted in Evergreen Hill Cemetery on specifically designated lots with a minimum size of 20 feet by 20 feet. 
   (i)     The cost of the mausoleum lot shall be $30,000 for a resident and $60,000 for a non-resident, which includes the concrete foundation that will be provided by the Village at its expense. 
   (j)    All sales are final upon payment of the purchase price.  The Village may repurchase an unused mausoleum lot for no more than 75% of the then current sale price at the discretion of the Cemetery Commission. 
   (k)     All caskets to be buried in mausoleum crypts shall be of the type approved for use in mausoleums and approved in each case by the Chief Administrative Officer.
   (l)    A Mausoleum lot may not be transferred or sold to any person or entity, other than in the event of the death of the owner of an unused mausoleum lot, and pursuant to their last will and testament, or intestate succession in accordance with Ohio law, the mausoleum lot may be transferred to their devisee, or next of kin in the case of intestate succession. 
      (Ord. 2019-28.  Passed 3-25-19.)