(a)   No burial shall be made in a Village owned cemetery without provision being made for the permanent marking of the grave or crypt.
   (b)   All grave markers must have prior approval of the Sexton. Large monuments which cover an entire grave are not permitted.
   (c)   All grave markers must be placed on a concrete foundation installed by the Village at the cost listed in section 953.16(c).
   (d)   Grave markers are to be placed at the west end of the grave site, the head of the grave. Exceptions, due to individual circumstances, will be determined by the Sexton.
   (e)   Only one grave marker, a maximum of 30" wide for a single grave and a maximum of 60" wide for two adjoining graves, is permitted on a grave. A second marker, not exceeding 24"x12" in size, may be placed flush with the ground in front of the grave marker on a full size grave.
   (f)   Any grave marker greater than 36" in height must have prior approval of the Sexton and Cemetery Commission.
   (g)   All bench requests must be approved by the Sexton and Cemetery Commission. Plans and design drawings from a monument company are required.  All benches must be made of granite and they must have all connections securely pinned.
   (h)   Field stones or rocks cannot be used as grave markers.
   (i)   Temporary grave markers, such as those used by Funeral Directors, will be removed by Village employees and discarded after six (6) months.
   (j)   Foundation orders for grave markers will not be accepted before April 15th or after September 30th.
   (k)   Grave markers in historic sections 1-10 shall be of a design consistent with the historic nature of the section. All grave markers in these sections must be approved by the Cemetery Commission.
(Ord. 2017-14.  Passed 3-13-17.)