General Provisions
   158.001   Purpose
   158.002   Definitions
   158.003   Effective date; application within county
Districts Established; Maps and Boundaries
   158.015   Districts established
   158.016   District maps
   158.017   Rules for interpretation of district boundaries
General Regulations
   158.030   Minimum regulations; uniform application
   158.031   Compliance required
   158.032   Deferrals
   158.033   Nonconforming uses
   158.034   Uses prohibited under other county or state laws
   158.035   Agricultural uses
   158.036   [Reserved]
   158.037   Use of same yard space for more than one building prohibited
   158.038   Major road plans
   158.039   Utility equipment and towers
   158.040   Distance requirements
   158.041   Locating ancillary facilities
   158.042   Traffic visibility across corner lots
   158.043   Traffic visibility entering publicly maintained roads
   158.044   Measurement of front yard depth
   158.045   Principal dwellings
   158.046   Game machines as accessory use
   158.047   [Reserved]
   158.048   Temporary and seasonal use requirements
   158.048.01   Temporary and seasonal uses
   158.049   County public buildings, structures, and uses
   158.050   Compliance with Landscape Ordinance
   158.051   Sewage sludge storage
   158.052   Staff housing for group homes
   158.053   Temporary real estate sales office
   158.054   Communications towers
   158.055   [Reserved]
   158.056   Outdoor parking of commercial vehicles on residential property
   158.057   Outdoor storage of unlicensed vehicles
   158.058   Subdivision of land; expiration of preliminary plans
   158.059   Medical cannabis
   158.060   Measurement of separation or distance between uses
Parking Space Requirements
   158.061   Maintenance throughout operation
   158.062   Applicability
   158.063   Minimum number of spaces
   158.070   A Agricultural District
   158.071   C Conservation District
   158.071.01   Agricultural and Conservation Districts: regulation of principal uses
   158.071.02   Agricultural and Conservation Districts: regulation of accessory uses
   158.071.03   Agricultural and Conservation Districts: bulk requirements
   158.072   R-40,000 Residence District
   158.073   R-20,000 Residence District
   158.074   R-10,000 Residence District
   158.075   R-7,500 Residence District
   158.075.01   Residential Districts: regulation of principal uses
   158.075.02   Residential Districts: regulation of accessory uses
   158.075.03   Residential Districts: bulk requirements
   158.076   MHP Mobile Home Park District
   158.077   C-1 Commercial Low Intensity District
   158.078   C-2 Commercial Medium Intensity District
   158.078.01   C-3 Commercial High Intensity District
   158.079   I-1 Light Industrial District
   158.080   I-2 Heavy Industrial District
   158.081   EC Employment Campus District
   158.082   Commercial, Industrial, and Employment Campus Districts: regulation of principal uses
   158.083   Commercial and Industrial Districts: regulation of accessory uses
   158.084   Commercial and Industrial Districts: bulk requirements
Overlay Districts
   158.095   HDO Historic District Overlay
   158.096   MRO Mineral Resource Overlay
   158.097   H Heritage District
   158.098   Commercial Camping Area
   158.110   Applicability
   158.111   Signs permitted without zoning certificate
   158.112   Signs requiring zoning certificate
   158.113   General regulations
   158.114   Use-on-the-premises signs
   158.115   Use-off-the-premises signs
Administration and Enforcement
   158.130   Exceptions and modifications
   158.131   Zoning Administrator
   158.132   Zoning certificates
   158.133   Board of Zoning Appeals (“BZA”)
   158.134   Amendments
   158.135   Enforcement
   158.136   Civil zoning violations
Specific Uses
   158.150   Mobile homes
   158.151   Small wind energy systems
   158.152   Villages of Historic Importance
   158.153   Solar energy generating systems
   158.154   Adult entertainment business, massage establishment, or striptease business
   158.155   Junkyards
   158.156   Industrial Park
   158.157   Above ground storage of petroleum products
   158.158   Self-service storage facility
   158.159   Business Park
   158.160   Fairgrounds, racetracks, or courses
   158.161   Retirement village
   158.162   Livestock sales yards and buildings
   158.163   Bed and breakfast
   158.164   Retreat facility
   158.165   Rubble landfills
   158.166   Commercial wood processing
   158.167   Agricultural research laboratory in the Agricultural District
   158.168   Farm alcohol producer
   158.169   Golf course
   158.170   Storage lot for commercial vehicles in the Agricultural District
   158.171   Commercial camping area
   158.172   Research laboratories conducting bioscience research in the Agricultural District
   158.173   Contractors' equipment storage in the Agricultural District
   158.174   Commercial kennels in the Agricultural and Conservation Districts
   158.999   Penalty
   Cluster subdivisions, see § 155.036
   Planned Commercial Centers (PCC), see § 155.092
   Planned Unit Development, see § 155.091