(A)   Purpose and intent. The purpose of the Agricultural District is to provide locations generally outside of the designated growth areas where agriculture is the primary land use. Residential development potential is generally limited to one single-family or two-family dwelling for every 20 acres. Commercial and industrial uses are limited to agribusiness, agritourism, and those uses intended to serve the agricultural industry and residents of the area while maintaining the character of the surrounding countryside. No water and sewer service is planned to these areas.
   (B)   Applicability. The following regulations and the applicable regulations contained in other sections shall apply in the A District.
   (C)   Agriculture as preferred use. Agriculture is the preferred use in the A District. All agricultural operations shall be permitted at any time, including the operation of farm machinery, and no agricultural use shall be subject to restriction because it interferes with other uses permitted in the district. Compliance with Chapter 160, Right to Farm, is required.
   (D)   Principal uses. The regulation of principal uses is set forth in § 158.071.01.
Ord. 2022-20, passed 11-3-2022)