Animals and Fowl
505.01   Dogs and other animals running at large.
505.02   Impounding and disposition; records.
505.03   Annual registration of dogs; tags required.
505.04   Nuisance conditions prohibited.
505.05   Barking or howling dogs.
505.06   Animal bites; reports and quarantine.
505.07   Hunting and leg-hold trapping prohibited.
505.08   Keeping goats and horses; distance from dwellings.
505.09   Common pigeon declared nuisance.
505.10   Keeping hog pens and stables.
505.11   Keeping of chicken and rabbit pens.
505.12   Animal excretion.
505.13   Dangerous or vicious animals.
505.14   Keeping more than five dogs or cats.
505.15   Keeping more than five dogs or cats in an industrial area; permit and regulations.
505.16    Cruelty to animals.
505.17    Neglect of animals.
505.18    Tethering animals.
505.19   Enforcement.
505.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Owner or keeper liable for damages - see Ohio R.C. 951.10
Dog registration - see Ohio R.C. 955.01