General Provisions
   153.001   Authority and purpose
   153.002   Title
   153.003   Conflict with other regulations
   153.004   Effective date
   153.005   Definitions
Establishment of Districts
   153.015   Use districts
   153.016   District boundaries and map
   153.017   Rules and interpretation of district boundaries
General Regulations
   153.030   Application of regulations
   153.031   Nonconforming use
   153.032   Off-street automobile parking and storage
   153.033   Off-street loading and unloading space
Use, Area, Yard and Height Requirements by District
   153.050   Residential District – Single-Family (R-1)
   153.051   General Residential District – Multi- Family (R-2)
   153.052   Residential District – Mobile Homes (R-MHP)
   153.053   Central Business District (B-1)
   153.054   General Business District (B-2)
   153.055   Manufacturing and Industrial District (M-1)
   153.056   Manufacturing and Industrial District (M-2)
   153.057   Floodplain District (FP)
Exceptions and Modifications
   153.070   Lot of record
   153.071   Front yard setbacks for dwellings
   153.072   Height limitations
   153.073   Visibility at intersections
   153.074   Corner lots
   153.075   Trailer storage
   153.076   Group projects
   153.077   Uses not provided for
Administration and Enforcement
   153.090   Zoning Enforcement Officer
   153.091   Zoning permit required
   153.092   Application for zoning permit
   153.093   Certificate of occupancy required
   153.094   Remedies
   153.095   Amendments
Board of Zoning Appeals
   153.110   Establishment of Board of Zoning Appeals
   153.111   Powers of the Board of Zoning Appeals
   153.112   Rules and regulations
   153.113   Filing and notice for an appeal
   153.114   Fees; certification of payment of real estate taxes
   153.115   Appeals from Board of Zoning Appeals
Conditional Zoning
   153.130   Declaration of policy and findings; purpose
   153.131   Conditions as part of rezoning or amendment to zoning map
   153.132   Enforcement and guarantees
   153.133   Records
   153.134   Amendments and variations of conditions
Special Use Permit
   153.150   Intent of special use permit provision
   153.151   Uses subject to special use permit
   153.152   Standards for special use permit application review
   153.153   Conditions
   153.154   Additional requirements for certain uses
   153.155   Application requirements for special use permit
   153.156   Action on applications
   153.157   Modifications or amendments to approved special use permits
   153.158   Expiration or discontinuance of approved special use permits
   153.159   Reconsideration
   153.160   Fees; certification of payment of real estate taxes
   153.161   Enforcement
   153.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Conflict with statutes, local ordinances or regulations, see VA Code, § 15.2-2315
   Notice of planning or zoning matters, see VA Code, §§ 15.2-2205, 15.2-2206
   Planning, see VA Code, §§ 15.2-2210 et seq.
   Regulations to be uniform, see VA Code, § 15.2-2282
   Zoning, see VA Code, §§ 15.2-2200 et seq.
Editor’s note:
   This chapter was adopted by an ordinance on August 13, 1968 and amended by an ordinance on August 9, 1983.  The chapter was adopted by reference in the prior code as § 78-1.