§ 1.   [Designation and powers of town.]
   § 2.   [Administration and government of town; mayor and council.]
   § 3.   [Election of mayor and councilmembers.]
   § 4.   [Meetings of council.]
   § 5.   [Appointment of officers; creation of boards and departments.]
   § 6.   [Borrowing of money; issuance of revenue bonds.]
   § 7.   [Appointment of chief of police and other officers.]
   § 8.   [Reserved.]
   § 9.   [Additional powers of council.]
   § 10.   [Operation of waterworks.]
   § 11.   [Sewer services.]
   § 12.   [Acquisition of property; purposes.]
   § 13.   [Regulation of motor vehicles and traffic.]
   § 14.   [Exhibitions; license taxes.]
   § 15.   [Reserved.]
   § 16.   [Prohibition and removal of encroachments.]
   § 17.   [Regulation of electric light, telephone and telegraph services.]
   § 18.   [Police powers.]
   § 19.   Town manager.
   § 20.   Subdivisions.
   § 21.   [Real estate and personal property tax.]
   § 22.   [Business license taxes.]
   § 23.   [Motor vehicle, trailer and semitrailer license fees and taxes.]
   § 24.   [Ordinances to remain in full force and effect.]
   § 25.   [Powers conferred by state statutes.]
Editor’s note:
   Printed herein is Acts 1964, ch. 420, as adopted by the General Assembly, and approved on March 31, 1964. Amendments to the Charter are indicated by parenthetical history notes following amended provisions.
    The absence of a history note indicates that the provision remains unchanged from the original Charter.
   Editorial changes made by the previous codifier, the uniform system of headings, catchlines and citations to state statutes and additions made for clarity, indicated by brackets, have been retained.
An Act to provide a new Charter for the town of Brookneal, in the County of Campbell, and to repeal Chapter 60, as amended, of the Acts of Assembly of 1908, approved February 20, 1908, which provided a Charter for the town of Brookneal.
   1964 Acts of Assembly, Chapter 420
   Approved March 31, 1964
   Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia: