Public Dance Halls; Teen Dance Clubs
763.01   Findings; purpose.
763.02   Definitions.
763.03   Public halls; no license required.
763.04   Teen dance clubs; license required.
763.05   Exemptions from license requirement.
763.06   Application for license; receipt and posting.
763.07   Information required on application.
763.08   License application denials.
763.09   Procedures regarding denials, suspensions or revocations of licenses; appeals.
763.10   License fees; expiration date; renewals.
763.11   Transfer of licenses.
763.12   Regulations applicable to public dance halls and teen dance clubs.
763.13   Additional regulations applicable to teen dance clubs.
763.14   Location prohibitions.
763.15   Compliance with health, building and fire regulations.
763.16   Access to safety forces permitted.
763.17   Severability clause.
763.99   Penalty.
Licensing of certain premises - see Ohio R.C. 715.61