A.   The Alpine Village District is established to accommodate recreational development in high elevation communities while recognizing the unique and challenging features of mountain communities. The Alpine Village District is intended to provide for a range of housing types and uses that are accessory and complementary to recreational and residential uses. These purposes are accomplished by:
      1.   Allowing for a range of housing types.
      2.   Providing for commercial and private resorts which include a range of recreational activities.
      3.   Excluding uses that are not compatible with the desired recreational/residential character of the area.
      4.   Applying development standards that address the unique environmental needs of high elevation communities.
   B.   Use of this zone is appropriate in areas designated as alpine community by the comprehensive plan. These are areas of the County generally greater than three thousand feet (3,000') in elevation that support and complement mountain recreational activities. Consideration within this district should also be given to potential public and community transportation systems. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)