A.   The agricultural/forestry district is established to provide for agricultural and forestry pursuits, including livestock production, forestry, horticulture, floriculture, viticulture, and necessary accessory uses for treating, storing and processing agricultural products. The purpose of the A/F district is to preserve, protect and maintain areas that are rural in character and the integrity of the forest/woodland areas where viable agricultural pursuits can be feasible and to avoid fragmentation of forests and farms. These purposes are accomplished by:
      1.   Establishing residential density limits and conservation development standards to retain areas sized for efficient farming.
      2.   Allowing for uses related to agricultural production and limiting nonagricultural uses to those compatible with agriculture, or requiring close proximity for the support of agriculture.
   B.   Use of this zone is appropriate in areas designated by the comprehensive plan as follows:
      1.   A/F-20 in all areas designated as prime ag/forest land in the comprehensive plan. The A/F-20 zone is also appropriate in areas designated ag/forest land in the comprehensive plan that also feature:
         a.   Prime agricultural soils.
         b.   Are characterized by agricultural or forestry uses.
         c.   Areas where one or more of the following apply: limited services; characterized by slopes steeper than thirty percent (30%); where access may be absent or limited to substandard road systems or where large tracts of land may be devoted to ag/forest production.
      2.   A/F-10 in areas designated as ag/forest land in the comprehensive plan that do not feature prime agricultural soils, but where agricultural and forestry pursuits remain viable. These areas may be within or adjacent to areas of city impact or where lands are afforded fire protection, access to standard roads and other services. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)