A.   The recreation district is established to provide a wide range of recreational uses in areas where if access is by road rather than solely by waterways, the road shall be located within a recorded easement or public right of way, except where subject to the terms of an approved special use permit or a state or federal agency, adequate water and sewer services and fire services. Consideration shall also be given to access to potential public transportation systems. The recreation district is intended to provide for a range of housing types and uses that are accessory and complementary to recreational and residential uses. These purposes are accomplished by:
      1.   Allowing for a range of housing types provided adequate services are available.
      2.   Providing for commercial and private resorts which contain provisions for a range of recreational activities.
      3.   Excluding uses that are not compatible with the desired recreational character of the area.
      4.   Encouraging conservation development configurations that create permanent open space, protect sensitive environmental features, reduce infrastructure costs and/or enhance recreational opportunities.
      5.   Applying simple design standards that enhance the recreational opportunities and character of the area.
   B.   Use of this zone is appropriate in areas designated as transition, neighborhood commercial, urban growth area and resort community with the following conditions:
      1.   Land is physically suitable to accommodate a broad range of residential and recreational uses.
      2.   Sites are served by adequate sewage disposal service, water supply, roads and other needed public facilities and services. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)