12-600: Purpose
Subchapter 6.1 - General Provisions
12-610: Applicability, Qualifications
12-611: Definitions
12-612: Additional Requirements
12-613: Notice Of Land Division, Procedure
12-614: Prohibitions
12-615: Remedies
12-616: Certificate Of Compliance, Conditional Certificate Of Compliance
Subchapter 6.2 - Design Standards
12-620: General
12-621: Lot Design
12-622: Submerged Lands
12-623: Services And Utilities
12-624: Roads And Access
12-625: Trails And Parks
12-626: Environmental Features
12-627: Subdivisions In The Commercial And Rural Service Center Districts
Subchapter 6.3 - Conservation Subdivisions
12-630: Purpose
12-631: Description And Definitions
12-632: Applicability, Procedures And Preapplication Review
12-633: Standards And Guidelines For All Conservation Subdivisions
12-634: Standards For Conservation Subdivisions In Agricultural/Forestry-20 District
12-635: Standards For Conservation Subdivisions In Agricultural/Forestry-10 And Rural Districts
12-636: Standards For Conservation Subdivisions In Suburban, Recreation And Alpine Village Districts
12-637: Density Bonuses For Conservation Subdivisions
Subchapter 6.4 - Preliminary Plat Procedures
12-640: Processing Of Subdivision Applications, General
12-641: Subdivisions, Preapplication Review
12-642: Preliminary Plat, Contents Of Application
12-643: Subdivisions, Procedure For Processing Preliminary Plat
12-644: Improvement Plan Required, Contents
12-645: Standards For Review Of Applications For Preliminary Plats Of All Subdivisions
12-646: Final Plat, Contents
12-647: Endorsements To Be Shown On Final Plat
12-648: Procedure For Final Plat Review And Approval
12-649: Digital Submission Of Final Plat
Subchapter 6.5 - Short Plats, Procedures
12-650: Application/Contents Of Preliminary Plats For Short Plat Procedure
12-651: Short Plat, Procedure For Approval Of Preliminary Short Plat
12-652: Short Plat, Contents Of Final Plat, Procedure For Approval Of Final Plat
Subchapter 6.6 - Minor Land Divisions
12-660: Minor Land Division Procedure
12-661: Administrative Review Of Minor Land Division
Subchapter 6.7 - Lot Line Adjustments
12-670: Readjustment Of Lot Lines Within Platted Subdivision
12-671: Applications For Adjustment Of Lot Lines, Minor Notational Changes
12-672: Procedure For Administrative Review And Approval Of Adjustments Of Lot Lines, Minor Notational Changes
12-673: Final Plat For Lot Line Adjustments/Notational Changes To Be Drawn, Time For Filing, Signing
Subchapter 6.8 - Condominium Projects
12-680: Applications For Condominium Projects
12-681: Procedure For Administrative Review And Approval Of Condominium Projects
12-682: Final Condominium Project To Be Drawn