A.   The rural service center district is established to promote the development of local commercial services in small communities to meet the needs of rural residents as well as limited tourist commercial services and limited light industrial uses consistent with the maintenance of the rural character of the area. The rural service center district is also intended to provide opportunities for a variety of affordable housing types that are within walking distance of commercial services. These purposes are accomplished by:
      1.   Providing for a range of small scale retail and rural service uses.
      2.   Allowing for mixed use buildings (housing over office or retail) and a range of housing types, including detached single-family dwelling units, cottage housing, townhouses, apartments and mobile home parks where sufficient services are provided.
      3.   Allowing for light industrial uses where activities are conducted primarily indoors and impacts to adjacent uses are mitigated.
      4.   Excluding commercial uses with extensive outdoor storage.
      5.   Excluding large scale commercial uses that would be more effectively located in incorporated cities.
      6.   Applying simple design standards that enhance pedestrian access and improve the character of the area. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)
   B.   Use of this zone is appropriate in areas designated as neighborhood commercial, resort community or transition by the comprehensive plan and community plans and that are served at the time of development by adequate sewage disposal services, water supply, roads and other needed public facilities and services. Expansion of existing rural service center districts or the creation of new rural service center districts may be considered only if the expansion will not negatively impact the safety and function of a state highway or other roadway. (Ord. 512, 1-6-2010)