A.   The forestry district is established to preserve the forest land base; to conserve and protect the long term productivity of forest lands; and to restrict uses unrelated to or incompatible with forestry. These purposes are accomplished by:
      1.   Applying the F zone to large contiguous areas where a combination of site, soil and climatic characteristics make it possible to sustain timber growth and harvests over time.
      2.   Limiting residential, recreational, commercial and industrial uses to those uses that are compatible with forestry, to minimize the potential hazards of damage from fire, pollution and land use conflicts.
      3.   Providing for compatible outdoor recreation uses and for conservation and protection of municipal watersheds and fish and wildlife habitats.
   B.   Use of this zone is appropriate in areas designated as remote ag/forest land in the comprehensive plan. The remote agricultural/forest land is located on mountaintops and remote areas of the county where few or no access roads have been constructed. Included in these areas are most of the state and federal lands, which are managed for forest production or recreation. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)